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Peaceful Pergola

Ontario summers are a thing of beauty. Gone in a blink, we can never seem to get enough time outdoors under the warmth of the sun. Whether on backyard decks or cottage docks, we’re here for that vitamin D.

Spending time outdoors is far more enjoyable when it functions as an extension of the home. Creating dedicated dining, lounge and play areas ensure we make the most of outdoor living by defining spaces. An effective way to achieve this in your own outdoor space is with a pergola.

Typically made of wood, a pergola is a freestanding or house-mounted structure used to create a cozy atmosphere, provide privacy, as well as to control sunlight with the use of shades, rafters or climbing plants.

A company we’ve been crushing on this summer is Toja Grid. Toja Grid offers sleek DIY pergola kits that allow you to build to suit your needs. Their selection of brackets and accessories such as hammocks, side tables and mosquito nets make it easy to customize for home or cottage. We personally love the ability to create a pitched roof and attach planter boxes for flowers or herbs.


Design Notes:

For a romantic look, add drapery rods and flowy outdoor sheers.

Good to Know:

Toja Grid is manufactured in Canada.


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