Motivated by an artistically inclined family of visual artists, carpenters and DIY-ers, you could say Leanne comes by her affection for design quite naturally. With an inherent desire to surround herself with visually stimulating elements, it is this that drives her passion for beautifying spaces for others.


Leanne's background in education and specialization in Family Studies provides her with a deep understanding of the profound role “home” plays within the family, no matter it's shape or size. After spending time in the corporate world and daydreaming of a more satisfying life, Leanne became a certified Interior Decorator and in 2015 created Leanne Steiner - Interiors For Life.

Whether your space functions as a refuge from the world or as a bustling control centre, Leanne strives to deliver a unique definition of home (or business) for each of her clients’ individual needs and desires. Her whole-hearted personality and emphasis on personal touches makes Leanne’s evolving design style the breath of fresh air your space has been waiting for.

5 Questions, 5 Answers with Leanne


Do you have a favourite colour?

"That depends on the day...for a while it was blue, today its green."


Can you describe yourself in three words?

"Aries, honest, passionate... well that's the same thing as Aries so, at the moment...hungry."


If you were a piece of furniture, which would you be and why?

"Definitely a couch. They experience everything...they comfort people, bring people together, they're your best friend when you've had a rough day. They're reliable. I like that."


Can you see your finished design before you start it?

"I get more of a feeling than I do a visual. It's an important part of my process to understand the people using the space...the colours, finishes and artwork are chosen to support that feeling."




What are your thoughts on trends?

"I like to think of trends as suggestions, not demands. Design is very personal, it should reflect you. It's my job to help tell your story." 


Commonly Asked Questions

Do you work in houses and condos?

Yes—big, small, we like 'em all. We gladly work with clients who live in detached, semi-detached, townhouses and condos of all shapes and sizes.

Do you work in cottage country?

Leanne is nothing short of a cottage lover, as growing up she spent many summers on Lake Simcoe, in Haliburton and Muskoka. Today she continues to spend time "up North" with family and friends—so, long story short—yes, we would love to get our hands on your home-away-from-home.

I have a small business, can we work together?

Yes. If you have a small business or boutique workplace in need of an update contact us for more information.


I rent, can I still hire you?

We understand rentals can often feel stark and can help transform your rental into a home.

Real Estate

Yes, we do work with realtors and homeowners to help prepare homes for sale.

Marille Price (9).png

" It was a great experience meeting with Leanne virtually due to Covid-19. She is very knowledgeable and l greatly appreciated the advice she shared. Picture layout was a big thing for me. We downsized to a much smaller house about 7 years ago. We have lots of pictures and she advised how to lay them beautifully! As well as other great advice for the space. Well done Leanne! "


An all-inclusive, proudly Canadian business.

We believe everyone deserves a welcoming place to call home. Our mantra—Interiors for Life—solidifies our goal to create spaces which represent the lives we lead and reflect the diverse individuals who lead them.

We acknowledge the various cultures that have influenced the interior decorating industry today, and throughout history, and continue to welcome clients from all walks of life.

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