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Hooked on a Feeling

An unoccupied wall can feel serene and understated but is often left looking lonely and bare. So, when in need of a storage solution, we turn to these vacant settings which make for the most useful of places. Either for purposes of display or to keep everyday items in arms reach, the tightest of corners can provide much needed function to your home.

One thing we know for sure is that you can never have too many hats at a cottage. Whether for gardening, sipping drinks on the dock or strolling through town, having extras on hand offers variety and is ideal for forgetful guests. However, keeping hats off the kitchen counter or from being tossed on the floor is a saga known too well.

By utilizing an unused corner of a bedroom, we created the perfect spot for hanging your hat at the end of the day. A mismatched pair of time-worn hooks made for a simple solution. Situated across from the bedroom door, this neglected wall space now offers an attractive view.

Design Notes:

When mixing-and-matching hardware, look for items with a similar finish. For a more contemporary feel, a matching set will do, whether in matte black, marble or wood.


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