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Ceiling Fans

Picture it, waking up in the treetops of Costa Rica to the squawk of toucans and the gentle spin of a modern 3-blade fan cooling your sun-kissed skin. Now let’s rewind to visiting friends in the Bahamas, where indoor-outdoor living reigns. A fan at top speed welcomes you home after a sweaty night of dancing under the stars…ok, we lost ourselves for a minute dreaming of trips gone by, but the reality is that ceiling fans are a staple in many places around the world (both indoors and out) and Canada should be no exception.

Not only do fans provide much needed air circulation throughout your home or cottage, they help to lessen the load of your furnace in both summer and winter months. When it comes to the debate of fans versus air conditioning, it is not necessarily a matter of either-or, but rather of creating an ideal combination for maximizing efficiency and comfort.

Long gone are the days of unattractive ceiling fans. The styles available are endless, making it easy to coordinate with a variety of design aesthetics, while dimmable LED lighting and remote controls add greater function and convenience.

Design Notes:

A fan that is too small or too large for a space can inhibit performance. It’s always best to check manufacturer guidelines, but here is a general guide for selecting the correct ceiling fan size for your space:

For rooms up to 75 square feet: 36” or smaller

75-144 square feet: 36-44”

144-225 square feet: 44-54”

225-400 square feet: 50-60”

400 square feet or more: 54-72” or larger

Room shape, ceiling height and architectural elements also play a role in selecting the correct size, and in some cases multiple fans may be ideal.

Good to Know:

In warmer months a counterclockwise spin will push cool air down, while in colder months a clockwise spin will distribute warm air throughout the space.


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